Lobo Marinho is the brainchild of André Marinho, a Portuguese designer, whose main goal is to (re)design objects, in both menswear and industrial design, by emphasizing cultural heritage, craftsmanship and upcycling.

As each print is limited in units, there is a continuous quest for thrilling fabrics, commonly considered deadstock by the wasteful production model of the textile industry’s vast majority. It’s a slow movement journey we’re most willing to engage, in order to step away from the fast pace of the fashion sphere. Furthermore, every piece is crafted by grandmothers, who use the handrolled sewing technique attentively to obtain the perfect pocket square.

In addition, Lobo Marinho is also a product design studio with an unconventional development of functional pieces, by blending local craftsmanship processes with additive manufacturing and new sustainable  materials on an attempt to contribute to a responsible circular economy and our planet’s preservation for years to come. 

Granny Nilza
Mom Maria
Vanessa Barragão
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