Besides selling hand-rolled pocket squares from the textile industry dead stock, Lobo Marinho is a product design studio with an unconventional approach to the development of functional pieces, mixing craftsmanship processes with digital fabrication processes whilst managing integrally the production chain. Giving preference to an end-user object assembly concept as a way to achieve practical and responsible solutions and committed to preserving socio-environmental heritage while also taking advantage of the broad possibilities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as additive manufacturing which can provide 3D-printed parts made of low-impact and novel materials.

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Spreads from Monocle issues

> Alumni Talks FAUL, Lisbon 12/2018
> INOVDesign Serralves Roadshow, 06/2019

Graphic Design, Art Direction and Web Design Francisco Pires, Motion Graphics Reinaldo Rodrigues

Thanks to Monocle:
Tyler Brûlé, Yoshitsugu Takagi, Pedro Beça, Simone Werger, Noah Deas, Kaoru Ishikawa and Edwin Lee

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